The Hug Card



The Hug Card was developed by brothers Barlow and Brent Hatch in the 80s. To their surprise, The Hug Card sold over 3.5 million nationwide.

When the first generation of The Hug Card was created, the Hatches received over 5000 letters from customers who had their lives changed for the better by The Hug Card. When The Hug Card web site was created in 2015, countless emails were received from past customers wanting more of the cards.

The Hug Card legacy continues today with Brent Hatch, his wife, Phelecia, and their 7 children. They have written a national bestselling book and have continued to give motivational and informational speeches nationwide for the last 15 years ­ using The Hug Card to teach important lessons every step of the way. We all live in an increasingly virtual world where human touch is often scarce; The Hug Card is the wonderfully effective tool to get people back to the basics of genuine communication. The Hatches and their family have been on many national outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Dr. Phil, CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC, FOX News, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and featured in dozens of other news broadcasts, newspapers, and magazines. The Hatches' goal is to change the world one hug at a time.


We want to bring the power of human interaction back into our increasingly digital world.